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I look forward to hearing from you. 

Serious enquiries only.  

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Or videoshoots. I have more than 10 years experience as a model. 

I am available for Portrait, Editorial, Swimwear, Hair, and Runway.

Shooting images to be published in a magazine or publication, or to be showcased in an exhibition or gallery? Even better.

Need an experienced subject for your Dance, Action and Sports photography? Here I am, a Dancer and Contortionist at your service. 

ballet dancer photoshoot jump in Trafalgar Square  in London by Michal Jeck


Casting for your show and need a versatile performer? Here you've a single performer who can traverse between arts, going from dance and acrobatics to music, guitars and rock n' roll.

Dare to stand out and to make a bold statement? Contortion Guitar is not for the faint of heart. If you think your audience is ready for Contortion Guitar, here I am.

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Filming or writing an interview article for your TV show, publication or magazine AND you need an interesting subject? Contact me with your proposals.

Be it contortion or guitar, or Contortion Guitar, I've got your back.

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Build guitars and have a sweet sponsorship or endorsement deal for me? 

No matter where you are located, I am open to negotiation.

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Private Coaching

I offer 1-to-1 private coaching for contortion, online and in-person.

Private guitar lessons are also available, including topics such as music theory, practice techniques, composition, improvisation and the music business.

And if you are a brave and adventurous soul driven by an insatiable desire to innovate and to stand out from the crowd, and if you are ready to embrace an unconventional challenge and path, there is always Contortion Guitar. 

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If you happen to be looking for a TV personality or a movie character with my particular traits, quirks and talents, along with Chinese features and heritage, and I fit your bill, do not hesitate to contact me with your project and offer.

What are you waiting for? Contact me today.


“Couldn't help myself, booked her again! Sure enough she brought her A-game on, she unleashed her imagination and we had a late shoot, with bad light, pushing the ISO's into oblivion, alas, anything for the shot. Most of the good shots came from her initiative and imagination, all I had to do is lie down and click the buttons. Literally, that's what I did. There might of been some rocks there, but it was comfy for me and pretty dangerous for her. At some point she was hanging on some wooden beam. A next level of hard-work, prompt and creative, just to get the perfect shots! Sapphire looks great in a variety of clothes and she can adapt and take advantage of them quickly, she's very attentive to details and directions and can turn even the most boring location in an interesting place to be in. Yes, I do recommend her again, she creates unforgettable experiences!”

Nemacaphoto (Reference from PurplePort)

“What an amazing dance model Sapphire is...I think this is my fourth shoot with this bundle of high-octane energy. Every shot is fun and the chance to push creative boundaries. She has an incredibly flexible body and a willingness to keep working on a shot until the perfect pose and capture is achieved. If you are after the very best dance images snatch Sapphire while you can...I know this certainly won't be my last shoot with her!!”

Terry Mendoza (Reference from PurplePort)

“Absolutley brilliant shoot with Sapphire we had a lot of fun during that time and lot of crazy stuff happened! As mad as me I think (actually no but pretty close). Poses like a professional and the most wonderfullly perfect skin I have ever shot. Will enhance any photographers portfolio so everyone out there book her now!”

Russell Charity (Reference from PurplePort)

“First time meeting Sapphire and I've had the opportunity to chat with her on the way to the location. By the time we got there, her positivism and enthusiasm really got me in the creative mood and we had a blast! She puts 100% in every single shot, has an incredible stamina and determination and her physical skills made me wonder what she's made of. She shifts through poses with such grace and fluidity, and with a high level of control: any shot is sure to get something unique, especially when she lets her imagination drip into her motions. It's addictive! Oh, and yes, I do recommend her. Now, today, book her! Before I do ”

Nemacaphoto (Reference from PurplePort)

"Excellent photo session with Sapphire. She was very organised and easily produced a wide, practised, variety of dance poses, adapting them to the backdrops. I would have no hesitation recommending Sapphire, and look forward to working with her again."

Daniel Clements (Reference from ModelMayhem)

“They say great things come in small packages, and this is definitely true of Sapphire. Today she blew me away her confidence and strength in front of the camera was impressive. Professional Enthusiastic, needs minimum direction during a shoot. Classy and Sexy outfits and she really thought about matching her choice of colours with our Location. She quickly built up a great relationship with Grace our MUA. Superb pre-shoot communications, and a bubbly personality made it a sheer pleasure today capturing her Beauty. Sapphire thank you one of the best Models to step in front of my Cameras Regards IAN....”

Ian Howard (Reference from ModelMayhem)

“Absolutely loved working with Sapphire! Such a lovely person, we got on like a house on fire! So beautiful and talented such a delight to watch her model, as she's not awkward and doesn't need any direction of what to do. Just a complete natural! She had lots of brilliant ideas in the shoot, very creative, fun person to work with! I'd 100% recommend Sapphire to work with and I really can't wait to work with her again myself! I'm sure I'll see you again soon! Thank you for letting me spend aday shooting you. One of the best models I've work with.”

Mark O'Leary (Reference from PurplePort)

"Sapphire is so full of positive energy and really enjoys what she does. A real treasure!"

Emma machinecreative (Reference from ModelMayhem)

"Great contemporary dance shoot with Sapphire, very vivacious, she worked hard and we achieved great pictures."

Tony Hutchings (Reference from ModelMayhem)

“Another great shoot with Sapphire - she is a lovely model, talented, professional and with a great personality. Always funny, always full of energy. She has good posing skills, and she brought a selection of good outfits for our shoot. Recommended!”

Gabriel Nita (Reference from PurplePort)

“Stop reading this reference and book Sapphire for a shoot. No, seriously, stop reading it. Why are you still here? Stop it. STOP IT! Man, you're persistent, aren't you? I'm not going to repeat what I said in my last reference. The fact that I have worked with her twice now and have a third shoot booked in surely should be enough for you to know that she is worth booking for a shoot. So go book one. I mean it. Stop wasting my time by reading this waffle! It's really simple. You just click on the mail icon at the top of her portfolio, and write a message asking for a shoot. How hard can that be? If you don't, you'll regret it. I can't stand around here any longer trying to convince you to book her for a shoot. That's down to you. I'm off now to go eat some chocolate and get even larger than I am now - and I'm not ashamed of it! CHOCOLATE IS LIFE!”

Stu Buckland (Reference from PurplePort)

“WOW! just had my first shoot with Sapphire, and what a shoot it was. We covered god knows how many sets. Sappires pre shoot comms were spot on, and the travel updates on the morning were also on the money! Where to start with this amazing lady? she is a posing machine and clearly not a Noobie at this sort of thing, she can rock it with the best of 'em. Arrived with loads of stuff (how did all that stuff fitted into such a small bag) and accessories, Sapphire has a great sense of humour and is a breeze to get along with. Very professional and always willing to go the extra mile for a shot, always willing to push herself. She is extremely photogenic and adapts to whatever the genre, extremely easily. indeed I'd go as far as to say effortlessly. We had a great time and it was a real pleasure to have been graced with her presence on a Friday afternoon. We need to do it again sooner rather than later, thanks Saff trev”

Trev (Reference from PurplePort)

“Super gal to work with - a fun character full of energy, great comms before meeting and was super chilled and patient! I have booked 3 more shoots with her ”

Alex TheSawwing (Reference from PurplePort)

“Sapphire is a remarkable and talented model. Pre comms were first rate, and she arrived on time, with plenty of outfits and bubbling with enthusiasm. Superb at posing and took direction effortlessly...and the camera loves her!! We got through our planned concepts and ended up throwing in some unique dance location ideas. There are a large number of "keepers" from our shoot, and we are already discussing a further shoot! Very highly recommended.”

Terry Mendoza (Reference from PurplePort)

“What can I say, communications were everything you expected and once we started shooting I couldn't have asked for more. Sapphire is willing, bubbly and a dream to work with!! This was the first of many shoots to come... thank you”

Leebins (Reference from PurplePort)

“Photoshoot with Sapphire was full of fun, action and laughs. I really liked that she was contributing wit ideas and also did not hesitated to try my suggestions. Photographs which we produced were exactly what we were going for. I really enjoyed our time together and would love to work with her again.”

Michal Jeck (Reference from PurplePort)

“My second shoot with Sapphire within a week and what can I say, simply amazing. We met at 6am and I can tell you it was more than worth it. We had another amazing shoot and hopefully not our last. See you soon ”

Leebins (Reference from PurplePort)

“Did a dance orientated shoot yesterday ( Monday 4th of June ) with Sapphireng. 1. Pre shoot communications were prompt and efficient. 2. Sapphireng turned up on time, with her hair and make up done, and the clothing we'd discussed and agreed upon. 3. Sapphireng is a team player, she understands the process, and works well as both a model, and a dancer. 4. Shooting Sapphireng was an absolute pleasure, we got on well, and soon "dovetailed" together as a creative team. I was impressed with Sapphireng, she listens and takes on board ideas and gives her input with verve. 5. During breaks we had good conversations, Sapphireng is an intelligent young lady. Such a pleasure to meet her, and shoot with her. 6. Sapphireng is bubbly and pro active out on location, the theme of our shoot was urban/rural ballet. It was an exciting shoot that proved to be both fun and creative thanks to Sapphireng, and I went home stoked up. 7. Sapphireng lived up to her name, she is indeed a gem. A sapphire is a precious gemstone, Sapphireng is a precious gem of a model and dancer. 8. Would I recommend Sapphireng? Hell yes !. We are already talking about another shoot, just wish I had more free time because I'd be shooting with her a lot !. Thanks a million Sapphireng, looking forward to finding time for our second shoot together Chris”

ChrisD3 (Reference from PurplePort)

“I am thrilled to be writing Sapphire's first reference on this site. Don't let this single reference put you off... Sapphire is a very accomplished model with heaps of experience. Her communications were excellent and she arrived on schedule (no mean feat on a Bank Holiday London) ready to go and with a well prepared wardrobe. She posed with flair and obvious talent and worked tirelessly throughout the shoot to get the best from every set. Sapphire is very articulate and had a very engaging personality which made for a very enjoyable shoot. I'm very pleased with the results and look forward to presentaimg them shortly. I would recommend Sapphire without hesitation and would be very happy if our paths crossed again in the future. Do your portfolio a favour and get some Sapphire in it. B.”

Buddygb (Reference from PurplePort)

“WOOHOO!!! Yup, that was a fab shoot! Sapphire is lovely! She's also loads of fun and incredibly beautiful. We made stuff up, she used my stuff, and at the end of it we got some utterly fabbo photos! What are you waiting for??? Book her for a shoot! Oh and have plenty of 80s music on too - but be prepared for her dancing a lot to it!”

Stu Buckland (Reference from PurplePort)

“Had a fantastic London location shoot with Sapphire. Precomms were a breeze and Sapphire turned up on time. The shoot was fun from start to finish and Sapphire worked really hard to get each shot. She is easy going and bubbly so very nice to work with. We got some great pics and I look forward to working with her again!”

Aidan CK (Reference from PurplePort)

“Sapphire answered a last minute call for a four day shoot in France. With her being a dancer there were more opportunities for great images. Not having met before was not a problem and we had 4 days of great shooting and plenty of fun. Just wait for the images.”

Pete Baldrey (Reference from PurplePort)

"Superb model, excellent and easy to work with her; nice posing, great makeup and very, very polite. I'll be very happy to work again with her!"

Gerardo Torres (Reference from ModelMayhem)

“I did a shoot with Sapphire and from the moment we met at the station to go to the location, she was amazing as a model on and off set. I was more than happy to keep on shooting all day and what was supposed to be 3 looks turned into about 6 incredible looks. I highly recommend shooting with Sapphire and I am planning my second shoot with her.”

Marissa Charles (Reference from PurplePort)

“Sapphire's comms beforehand, as always, were comprehensive, and she turned up right on time. She really relishes a creative shoot, and was happy to try anything and everything suggested, including dancing on a cold and windy pier whilst wearing a very flimsy outfit! Her enthusiasm carries forward into the images...and we shot some spectacular dance images this time. She is really great to work with, and you will be guaranteed excellent additions to your portfolio, so if the opportunity arises to work with Sapphire, seize it with both hands!!”

Terry Mendoza (Reference from PurplePort)

“Hi Sapphire, thanks so much for your great work at last night's RiversEdge shoot! It was terrific to finally meet you and work with you, and now I have a ton of good images to sort through!”

Bert Halstead (Reference from ModelMayhem)

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